Studying the Star-Formation Rates of Nearby Cluster Galaxies through Wide-field Halpha Imaging

Jorge Iglesias

Institut d'Astrophysique d'Andalousie

The luminosity of the Halpha line is well know to trace the presence and intensity of the recent star formation regions in the disks of spiral and irregular galaxies. For this reason, wide-field narrow-band imaging is a powerful technique to study the influence of the environment on the star formation rates of cluster galaxies. In this talk I will review the main results of a long-term project based on the analysis of Halpha+continuum imaging data for a sample of clusters in the local Universe both from a global (statistical) point of view and from detailed studies focused on individual cases. I will finish with some considerations of the necessity of a wide-field IFTs to satisfactorily carry out this project.

Date: Mercredi, le 16 mai 2012
Heure: 11:00
Lieu: Université Laval
  1661 Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon