Astrophysicist Paul Charbonneau writes a book on “Solar and Stellar Dynamos”

20130412Paul Charbonneau, professor at the physics department of the Université de Montréal and member of the Centre de Recherche en Astrophysique du Québec, writes a manual on the theories of Solar and stellar dynamos. This book has an informative approach on the principle of dynamos in astrophysics, which are essential for the understanding of cosmic magnetic fields at all scales, from planet to stars, up to entire galaxies.

The book presents are step-by-step detailed evaluation of stellar and solar dynamos. It also proposes a preview of the major challenges of the understanding of stellar magnetic fields, as well as their evolution in terms of dynamo modelling and magneto-hydrodynamic simulations (MHD). Each chapter comes with its own annotated bibliography inviting the reader to study the pertinent scientific literature. The book also comes with a webpage and a large selection of useful animations.

The talent of Paul Charbonneau is to guide us through the complexity involving stellar dynamos by the use of a precise and clear scientific language. The book, written in English, is a reference for all students in physics or astrophysics.

The book, edited by Springer-Verlag, is available in scientific libraries or in electronic format at the address:

Paul Charbonneau: Solar and Stellar Dynamos, Springer, 237 pages, 79 figures, 4 tables. ISBN-978-3-642-32092-7

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