Personal information

Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo

Chaire de recherche du Canada en astrophysique observationnelle des trous noirs
Département de physique
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-Ville
Montréal, QC
Canada   H3C 3J7
Phone: 514 343 5627
Office: Campus MIL, B-3417

Research field: Black holes, clusters of galaxies, galaxies

Description of the research project:
Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo conducts advanced research in high-energy astrophysics and extragalactic astrophysics. The main objective of her work is to understand the impact of supermassive black holes on their surrounding environment and ultimately to determine their role in the formation and evolution of galaxies. The accretion of matter on a supermassive black hole, at the center of a galaxy, often contributes to its remarkable properties. It can become so bright that its luminosity ends up surpassing that of its host-galaxy; also, powerful jets of relativistic particles can be projected at phenomenal distances, often much larger than the size of the galaxy itself. Black holes therefore have an undeniable impact on the final properties of their surrounding environment. Despite this importance, the details of the role played by black holes remain little known. Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo's research projects aim to greatly improve our understanding of these objects. To achieve this, she uses data obtained from the best telescopes in the world, including the Chandra X-ray Observatory, the new Very Large Array, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Gemini observatories.

List of graduate students:
Joseph Choi (Postdoc), Rawan Karam (M.Sc.), Marine Prunier (Ph.D.), Carter Rhea (Ph.D.), Gabriel Sasseville (M.Sc.), Benjamin Vigneron (Ph.D.)

Prix et distinctions:

  • 2014-07 à 2019-06 : Chaire de recherche du Canada en astrophysique observationnelle des trous noirs
  • 2012-09 à 2014-08 : Einstein postdoctoral fellowship, NASA
  • 2009-10 à 2012-09 : Cambridge Trust full scholarship, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust