Personal information

Björn Benneke

Département de physique
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-Ville
Montréal, QC
Canada   H3C 3J7
Phone: 514-578-2716
Office: Campus MIL, B-3007

Research field: Exoplanets; planetary atmospheres; infrared spectroscopy.

Description of the research project:
Björn Benneke is an expert in the characterization of exoplanet atmospheres through spectroscopic observations and atmospheric modeling. He is the principle investigator of the two largest HST programs to characterize the atmospheres of super-Earths and sub-Neptunes. These HST programs provide the first critical view into the atmospheres and formation histories of the intriguing populations of super-Earths and can be considered forerunners of the upcoming observations of Earths and super-Earths with JWST. As part of the JWST/NIRISS GTO team, he and his team will continue to push the frontier in the characterization of exoplanet atmospheres using JWST for years to come. Beyond the large HST programs, Prof. Benneke is PI of multiple Keck programs and co-I of multiple large HST and Spitzer programs to characterize giant exoplanets.

List of graduate students:
Mohamad Ali-Dib (Postdoc), Louis-Philippe Coulombe (M.Sc.), Simon Delisle (M.Sc.), Stefan Pelletier (Ph.D.), Merrin Peterson (M.Sc.), Caroline Piaulet (Ph.D.), Pierre-Alexis Roy (M.Sc.), Daniel Thorngren (Postdoc)