A researcher from the CRAQ helps NASA open a new window on the Universe


NASA is making final preparations to launch its Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, NuSTAR. The mission, which will use X-ray vision to hunt for buried black holes, ultra-dense neutron stars, and supernova remnants, is scheduled to launch…

The Transit of Venus in front of the Sun: Clouds did not spoil the show!


More than 750 people on the campus of the Université de Montréal Astrophysicists from the Centre de Recherche en Astrophysique du Québec (CRAQ), the Université de Montréal, McGill University, the Montreal planetarium, and the amateur astronomers…

Bernard Malenfant receives the 2012 UdeM Principal’s Award


The first edition of the UdeM Principal’s Award was attributed to the administrative and support staff members of the Université de Montréal (UdeM). The ceremony was held on June 5th 2012, at the cafeteria Chez Valère…